Adam Greenberg

  • Grants Director, Sponsored Programs

Adam Greenberg oversees all pre- and post- award operations and administration of sponsored awards at the Advanced Science Research Center. Adam also serves as campus representative and liaison to our fiscal agent the Research Foundation of CUNY.

Adam Greenberg joined the CUNY ASRC in October 2014 with the task of creating a Sponsored Programs Office to serve ASRC’s research active faculty and staff. Adam is the institutional signatory for all outgoing sponsored program submissions. His responsibilities include proposal development, budget and application preparation and submission, and compliance oversite. In addition, Adam serves as campus representative and liaison to the Research Foundation of CUNY, our fiscal agent, for post-award administration.

Immediately preceding his arrival at the ASRC, Adam served as the Acting Director for the Office of Research Administration at The City College of New York where he oversaw the pre- and post-award administration of sponsored awards. Throughout his 20 years of service in the CUNY system, Adam has worked in all aspects of research administration. He has been a departmental administrator at Queensborough Community College, a Field Services Representative for the Research Foundation of CUNY specializing in all aspects of post-award administration, and both Associate and Acting Director of the Research Administration office at City College.

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