Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System (PECVD)

photo: Oxford Instruments PECVD System

The Oxford PlasmaPro System 100 PECVD is load-locked tool, capable of depositing silicon oxide, silicon nitride, amorphous silicon, and other films (under staff permission). The PECVD has a 600 W 13.56 MHz plasma source and has an electrically heated lower electrode, capable of a maximum temperature of 400 C. Additionally, the system has a 100 kHz low frequency generator connected to the top electrode. The tool is capable of processing wafers up to 8” in diameter, down to smaller wafers and chips.


Gases: N2, O2, N2O, NH3, SiH4/Ar, CF4, CH4


Manufacturer / Model

Oxford Instruments / PlasmaPro NPG80 PECVD


Nanofabrication Facility