Partek Flow

Partek Flow bioinformatics software provides a singular environment that reduces the complexity of analyzing and visualizing high dimensional multi-omics sequencing data making bioinformatics accessible to all researchers. It features a graphical interface tailored to biologists, gold-standard algorithms, and constant implementation of new features to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of genomic sequencing technologies.


  • An easy-to-use interface, robust statistical algorithms, information-rich visualizations, and cutting-edge genomic tools enabling researchers of all skill levels to confidently perform bulk RNA-seq data analysis.
  • Explore data with interactive, customizable, and publication ready visualizations

Key Supported Applications

  • Bulk cell RNA-seq analysis
  • Gene and pathway enrichment analysis

Instructions for Use


RNA-Seq Analysis with Partek Flow Bioinformatics Software

More resources can be found here

Manufacturer / Model

Partek / Partek Flow Server


Epigenetics Facility