Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch – Chlorine Based (ICP Cl)

Photo: Oxford Instruments Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)


The Oxford PlasmaPro System 100 Cobra is a load-locked high plasma density system which can accommodate pieces to wafers up to 6” in diameter. The system is configured for Chlorine-based etching, including a variety of metals, dielectrics, silicon based materials, and II-V compound semiconductors.

The system has a 600 W 13.56 MHz RF power source coupled to a solid state matching network. The active electrode is equipped with a heater/chiller and is capable of operating at temperatures varying from 0 C to +80 C. The Cobra process chamber walls are fitted with an electrical heating kit, allowing for warming to approximately 80 C.



  • Gases: BCl3, Cl2, HBr, O2, CH4, H2, CF4, Ar, N2


Manufacturer / Model

Oxford Instruments / PlasmaPro System 100/1 Cobra


Nanofabrication Facility