photo: V-VASE ellipsometer

The Woollam V-VASE is a Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer capable of automated thin-film characterization, high-precision angle, and a wide spectral range (240 nm to 2500 nm). Analysis of ellipsometric data can be used to determine layer thickness, surface and interfacial roughness, sample anisotropy, Mueller-matrix data, and optical constants (refractive index and extinction). The tool has a vertical sample vacuum mount that can accommodate up to 200 mm diameter samples.

The V-VASE is configured with an automated z-translation stage and digital camera for spot location viewing. Focusing optics and provide the ability to reduce the beam spot size down to 100 or 200 um, depending on fiber choice. A heating stage is also available for samples up to 50 mm in diameter and 7.6 mm-thick with temperatures ranging from room temperature to 300 C.


  • Maya Narayanan Nair, Ph.D.
    Research Assistant Professor, Nanoscience Initiative
    Facility Staff, Nanofabrication Facility, Surface Science Facility

Manufacturer / Model

J.A. Woollam Co., Inc. / V-VASE


Nanofabrication Facility