Neuroscience Initiative Newsletter – Fall 2023

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Fall edition of our Newsletter. Dr. Patrizia CasacciaAs we are entering the Holiday Season, feelings of warmth, peace, joy and celebration find home in our heart, while we are faced with the painful awareness of so much sorrow all around the world.

At this moment, within the Initiative, we try to be mindful of the energy we project to others and create an environment based on mutual understanding and respect. We are grateful to all the students, faculty and staff for sharing their enthusiasm about scientific research, for acknowledging the importance of responsible and ethical research conduct and continuing to contribute to the process of discovery. We are grateful to our supporters and donors, whose generosity have allowed us to spearhead novel outreach initiatives, with the intent to promote mental health and wellbeing in our society.

With a heart full of gratitude,


Neuroscience Initiative Fall 2023 Newsletter

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