Introducing the 2022-2023 Science Communication Fellows

We are excited to work with these talented young scientists and journalists, who were selected out as recipients of the GC Science Communication Fellowship for 2022-2023.

Students in the fellowship program receive training and preparation via the GC Science Communication Academy to become effective science communicators who are skilled at engaging the general public in an ongoing dialogue about research, advocating for support of the sciences outside of the university setting, and promoting the role of CUNY in advancing science and science education for the public good.

Learn more about the GC Science Communication Academy and Science Communication Fellowship Program.

A picture of Daniel Okpattah

Daniel Okpattah

Daniel Okpattah is a second year Ph.D. student in Biochemistry conducting his research at Hunter College under the supervision of Dr. Wayne Harding on the topic ‘Structural modification of aporphine scaffold to obtain new and improved, potent and selective 5HT7 receptor ligands.’ In addition, Daniel is the instructor for General Chemistry lab (Chem106) at Hunter College. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn.

A picture of Elizabeth Rosenberg

Elizabeth Rosenberg

Liz Rosenberg studies data journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. During the pandemic, she worked with a group of parents to create a data dashboard of cases in schools that was used by many education reporters. This project sparked an interest in data journalism and led her to the CUNY  J-School. You can learn more about her on Linkedin.
Headshot: georgie humphries

Georgia Efegenia

Georgie Efegenia Humphries is a Ph.D. student in Earth and Environmental Sciences, conducting her research at the GC Advanced Science Research Center under the supervision of Professor Dianne Greenfield. In addition, Georgie is currently a lecturer and coordinator for Environmental Science Laboratories at Queens College. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn.

A picture of Mark Popinchalk

Mark Popinchalk

Mark Popinchalk is a Physics Ph.D. Candidate at Hunter College based at the American Museum of Natural History where he studies the age of stars by measuring how quickly they rotate. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, baking bread, all kinds of games, and his favorite color is sky-blue-pink.

A picture of Rebecca Rand

Rebecca Rand

Rebecca Rand is a first-year student at the CUNY J-School. She specializes in Health and Science audio journalism, and dreams of hosting her own science podcast. You can learn more about her on Linkedin.

A picture of Saugat Bolakhe

Saugat Bolakhe

Saugat Bolakhe has been working as a freelance science writer for the past one and a half years with outlets such as Scientific American, Discover, etc. specializing on life science and environment. When Bolakhe isn’t writing, he likes to run, hike, and sing. You can learn more about him on Linkedin.