Structural Biology Newsletter – Spring 2021

Message from the Director

Thumbnail: cover of SBI Spring 2021 newsletterSpring has returned again, bringing with it a sense of renewal – not just in the annual seasonal cycle, but this time also in the prospects of us all perhaps returning back to something reminiscent of the times before COVID arrived in early 2020. I’m wary of using the word “normal” to describe what we’re heading towards, in large part out of respect for those who’ve lost family, friends, jobs, and other fundamentals along the way. That said, I am hopeful with what lies ahead. Science has brought us ways to combat COVID in record time, and within our local corner of the world, brought us something positive to focus on even when the going seemed bleak.

I’m incredibly proud of everyone in SBI, and ASRC more broadly, in safely getting us back up to speed and operating as best possible during this challenging time. Much of what we’ve achieved then is shared in this newsletter, which I’m proud to share with the community. I’m also hopeful that lessons learned over the past fifteen months may be retained in thinking of better ways we can do science going forward – particularly in thinking how we can share some of what we’ve built herewith a broader community, and how we can in turn learn from and work with others who aren’t in our immediate neighborhood.

Looking forward to continuing towards those and other goals in the months ahead.

Kevin Gardner
Director, Structural Biology Initiative

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In this Issue:

  • New Lab Members and Faculty
  • Publications
  • Spotlight on NMR core
  • Award Winning Photo
  • Spotlight on Harsh Bansia
  • Seminar in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biodesign
  • Upcoming Events