Announcing Our 2020–2024 Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This spring concludes our celebration of the ASRC’s fifth year of work. We have recognized this milestone through a series of events that have engaged the CUNY community and other stakeholders in reflecting on how we will best pursue our vision: a world where human, societal and environmental well-being are vastly improved because of interdisciplinary scientific discoveries that lead to real-world solutions—and the widespread collaborative engagement of the CUNY research community in these efforts.

As we conclude this very dynamic period of work, it has been rewarding to look back on our successes, but more importantly to plan for our future. Today, I’m excited to share the ASRC’s new five-year strategic plan, which outlines how we will execute our interdisciplinary mission through 2024 and become an even more integrated and powerful resource for the CUNY community, New York City, and beyond.

The creation of the ASRC was based on the promise and value of interdisciplinary scientific excellence in the service of building knowledge, growing the workforce and solving important problems through innovation, and it was purpose-built to act as a lever to benefit research and education across CUNY. At this moment, we are acutely aware of the growing demand for scientific and technological advances to tackle the ever-expanding list of threats to our planet and humanity, which will not be realized within siloed areas of research. These advances will require the level of dynamic and creative thought produced when researchers work across disciplines. The ASRC’s new strategic plan is focused on continuing to build interdisciplinary research and education at CUNY that clearly addresses the world’s needs—in collaboration with partners throughout the University and beyond.

We invite you to explore this plan, share your feedback and suggestions, and follow our regular updates and outcomes. On behalf of the ASRC’s faculty, staff, and students, thank you for your investment, partnership, and support for the past five years and the next five years to come. We are proud to be part of the greatest urban university in the world, and look forward to working with you to continue its bold, admirable tradition.


Annette “Nina” Gray, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Advanced Science Research Center
Associate Dean for the Sciences, The Graduate Center, CUNY