Andrew Reinmann joins the CUNY ASRC’s Environmental Sciences Initiative as newest faculty hire

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center welcomes Dr. Andrew Reinmann to its Environmental Sciences Initiative as an Assistant Professor, joining Initiative Director Charles J. Vörösmarty and Professor Peter Groffman as the third of four faculty members with the initiative.

Reinmann—who will also hold an assistant professorship with Hunter College’s Department of Geography—has a research focus on the carbon exchange between the biosphere and atmosphere, examining the human effect on biogenic carbon dioxide fluxes and carbon sequestration.

“Andrew’s area of expertise fits in nicely with the work that both myself and Peter Groffman are already conducting at the ASRC, on water systems and soil erosion, respectively,” Vörösmarty said. “His research also serves to widen the interdisciplinary discourse taking place at the ASRC and further broadens the sort of problems we can continue to address.”

By looking specifically at land use, vegetation types, anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions and the influences of urbanization and climate change, Reinmann has utilized experimental, observational and modeling approaches to measure the change wrought by fossil fuel combustion and the expansion of human habitation and agriculture.

Through the predictive modeling he has developed during his academic career, Reinmann has aimed to help shape policy in an effort to develop climate change mitigation strategies to improve the sustainability of urban areas. Naturally, the opportunity to be based in New York City will offer him unique opportunities to further develop this work, including working with ASRC researchers to develop new ways of sensing and measuring the surrounding environment that feed into these predictive models.

“The depth and diversity of the intellectual and scientific resources at the ASRC, coupled with its location in the heart of one of the world’s largest urbanization experiments provides exciting opportunities to forge new collaborations and expand our understanding of the feedbacks between ecological processes and human activities,” Reinmann said. “I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the stellar group of scientists at the ASRC and work with them to push the frontiers of science and develop solutions to the problems that confront humanity.”

Reinmnn joined the ASRC in January 2017 after his time as a postdoctoral research associate in Boston University’s Department of Earth and Environment. He conducted his doctoral work at Boston University as well, where he earned his PhD in Biology with a certificate in Biogeosciences. Previously, he earned his MS in Forestry from the University of Maine, Orono and his BS in Environmental Studies from Binghamton University.


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