Hungarian President Áder tours CUNY ASRC prior to UN Climate Change Summit

20160421-Ader-VisitThe CUNY Advanced Science Research Center was honored to host Hungarian President János Áder and First Lady Anita Herczeg on Thursday, April 21, in advance of his participation at the United Nations Climate Change Summit.

President Áder heard presentations from the ASRC’s Environmental Sciences Initiative (ESI), led by Director Dr. Charles J. Vörösmarty, prior to touring lab spaces and the NanoFabrication Facility. He was accompanied by the First Lady and members of his staff, including Consul General Ferenc Kumin and Director for Environmental Sustainability Csaba Körösi.

“It was a pleasure to welcome President Áder to the ASRC and speak with him about the research we are conducting in the Environmental Sciences Initiative,” Vörösmarty said. “This visit will hopefully be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between our scientists at CUNY and our peers in Hungary. We look forward to working with his delegation to formally parlay the interest of the President into tangible products, outcomes and potential research support.”

In addition to the presentations and tour, President Áder also received demonstrations of environmental sensing tools being created at the ASRC from Dr. Jacob Trevino, NanoFabrication Director, and Dr. Anthony D. Cak, Associate Director of the ESI.

Dr. Gillian Small, Vice Chancellor for Research and Executive Director of the CUNY ASRC, presented President Áder with a custom framed image created by the ESI which featured the water systems of Hungary overlaid on a satellite image of the country at night. President Áder presented Vörösmarty with a historical map with the water reserves of the country, in addition to a handsome collection of the poetry of Mihály Vörösmarty, an ancestor of Dr. Vörösmarty and one of the foremost Hungarian poets of the 19th century.

President Áder is the first head of state to visit the CUNY ASRC. He visited New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement, a plan to limit global warming in order to reduce risks and the impacts of climate change. He was also recently named to serve on the Panel on Water, a joint venture by the World Bank and the UN to address sustainable management of water on a global scale.


About the ASRC: The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) is a University-wide venture that elevates CUNY’s legacy of scientific research and education through initiatives in five distinctive, but increasingly interconnected disciplines: Nanoscience, Photonics, Structural Biology, Neuroscience and Environmental Sciences. Led by Dr. Gillian Small, Vice Chancellor for Research and the ASRC’s executive director, the center is designed to promote a unique, interdisciplinary research culture. Researchers from each of the initiatives work side by side in the ASRC’s core facilities, sharing equipment that is among the most advanced available. Funding for the ASRC from New York State is gratefully acknowledged.