Columbia Neuroscientist Christopher Henderson Joins Advisory Board

Christopher E. Henderson, a neuroscientist who is co-director of Columbia University’s Motor Neuron Center, has joined the ASRC Advisory Board.

Dr. Henderson, a professor of pathology, cell biology, neuroscience and neurology, specializes in motor neuron development and pathology. His focus is on the motor neuron diseases ALS and spinal muscular atrophy. After joining Columbia’s Center for Neurobiology and Behavior in 2005, Dr. Henderson co-founded the Motor Neuron Center to foster interaction between basic scientists and clinicians who are interested in those neurodegenerative diseases.

Gillian Small, CUNY’s vice chancellor for research and executive director of the ASRC, said Dr. Henderson will be a valuable advisor to the new center’s neuroscience initiative.  The ASRC is conceived to foster partnerships not only among researchers across CUNY but with other research institutions in New York and beyond. Dr. Small’s invitation, and Dr. Henderson’s enthusiastic acceptance, heralds that innovative, highly collaborative approach.

Other members of the ASRC’s board of outside advisors are David Cowburn of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Charles Marcus of the University of Copenhagen; Roberto Merlin of the University of Michigan; and Jerry Michael Melillo of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.