Radio Frequency & Millimeter Wave Core Facility

The Radio Frequency and Millimeter-wave (RF/mm-wave) Core is a shared-user facility. The core includes fabrication and measurement units.

Electronics Fabrication Facility

The fabrication unit offers a complete in-house PCB prototyping (multilayer rigid and flex) through high-end laser and mechanical equipment. Furthermore, the fabrication unit provides a complete component placement and rework cycle including high-end fully- and semi-automatic rework stations enabling desoldering, soldering, and residual solder removal of SMDs and BGAs as small as 01005.

Measurement Facility

The measurement facility offers an anechoic test chamber capable of measuring electromagnetic radiation, high-end spherical nearfield measurement system, planar nearfield scanner (all in frequencies ranging from 1-110 GHz), and high-end PNAs and other required equipment for a fully in-house measurement cycle.

For more information, please contact:

Younes Ra’di, PhD
Facility Director