Radio Frequency & Millimeter Wave Core Facility

The Radio Frequency and Millimeter-wave (RF/mm-wave) Core is a shared-user facility. The core includes fabrication and measurement units.

Electronics Fabrication Facility

The fabrication unit offers a complete in-house PCB prototyping (multilayer rigid and flex) through high-end laser and mechanical equipment. Furthermore, the fabrication unit provides a complete component placement and rework cycle including high-end fully- and semi-automatic rework stations enabling desoldering, soldering, and residual solder removal of SMDs and BGAs as small as 01005. Available fabrication equipment includes:

  • 3D printer: Raise3D Pro2 Plus
  • Laser prototyping machine: ProtoLaser U4
  • Mechanical prototyping machine: ProtoMat S104
  • Plating machine: Contac S4
  • Pick and place machine: Finetech Core Plus
  • Reflow oven: ProtoFlow S N2
  • Multilayer press: Multipress S
  • Soldering machine: Weller WXD2

Measurement Facility

The measurement facility offers an anechoic test chamber capable of measuring electromagnetic radiation, high-end spherical nearfield measurement system, planar nearfield scanner (all in frequencies ranging from 1-110 GHz), and high-end PNAs and other required equipment for a fully in-house measurement cycle. Available measurement equipment follows:

  • Microwave Network Analyzer: N5247B PNA-X
  • Arbitrary waveform generator: M8195A
  • Real-Time Oscilloscope: MXR and UXR Series
  • Anechoic chamber
  • Different sources
  • Robotic system

For more information, please contact:

Younes Ra’di, PhD
Facility Director