Olivia Berghaus

  • Research Assistant, Epigenetics Core

Olivia is the Research Assistant for the Epigenetics Facility in the ASRC Neuroscience Initiative. Her primary duties include maintaining the core facility and performing epigenetic experiments. Under the direction of Dr. Jia Liu, Olivia’s current research goal is understanding how environmental factors, mainly air pollutants, can impact mental health via the regulation of glial cells in the brain. Prior to joining the ASRC, Olivia received a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. During her time as an undergraduate student, she was a teaching assistant for Cornell University’s Laboratory in Genetics and Genomics course, taught by Dr. Kristina Blake. It was through her experience with this course that she gained a great appreciation for working in the lab. Outside of research, she enjoys crocheting, baking, and exploring new places.