Dorthe M. Eisele, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, The City College of New York
  • Affiliate Faculty, Nanoscience Initiative


City College of New York (Profile)

Research Interests

New materials & design principles for solar energy systems; Artificial and biological model systems for light-harvesting (LH) in order to better understand the fundamental processes that govern nature’s highly efficient photosynthetic masterpieces; Collective phenomena found in self-assembled nanoscale systems such as supra-molecular assemblies (Frenkel exciton systems), semiconductor nanostructures (Wannier exciton systems), metallic nanostructures (plasmonic systems), and organic/inorganic hybrid systems; Energy and electron transport processes in nanoscale systems; steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy combined with microscopy techniques.

Job History

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, CCNY and CUNY Graduate Center
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Dr.rer.nat (PhD equivalent), Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany


K. Ng, M. Webster, W.P. Carbery, N. Visaveliya, P. Gaikwad, S.J. Jang, I. Kretzschmar, and D.M. Eisele, Frenkel excitons in heat-stressed supramolecular nanocomposites enabled by tunable cage-like scaolding, Nature Chemistry, 2020, 12, 1157-1164.

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