Antonio Cerullo

  • Doctoral Student, Braunschweig Lab, Nanoscience Initiative

Antonio Cerullo received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, with minors in physics and mathematics, from Hunter College in 2018. While there, he researched with Dr. Paul Feinstein to decode the genetics of olfaction as well as develop tools for live imaging.

After graduating, Antonio entered the Biochemistry Ph.D. program at the CUNY Graduate Center, where he joined Dr. Adam Braunschweig’s group at the Advanced Science Research Center. His current research focuses on investigating the structure-function relationships of glycoproteins to discover and develop nanomaterials.

Outside of the lab, Antonio enjoys yo-yoing, video games, and having standoffs with his cat, Soup.

Research Interests

His research interests include investigation of the rules that govern the multiscale behavior of biomolecules and biological systems.


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