Getting Started

  1. Fill out the ASRC MRIF New User Form. Information that will be requested:
    • User Information
    • Project description
    • PI and Account Information
  2. Turn in signed copy of the CUNY ASRC Equipment Use Agreement to Dr. Shereen (4.318) or send digitally to
  3. Fill out (or have your advisor fill out if you are not a PI) the Account Registration and Agreement form to register chargeable accounts with the MRIF. The signed copy should be turned into Dr. Shereen (4.318) or sent digitally to
  4. Request (email and study the ASRC MRIF Safety Training document
  5. Schedule an appointment to take the MRIF safety quiz at the ASRC followed by the safety training practical. Contact Dr. Shereen for scheduling,
  6. Install Badger LMS (to reserve time for the scanner, behavioral room, or mock scanner) and register for a new account.
  7. Submit a study proposal to Dr. Shereen at After approval, your Badger account will be activated and you can begin reserving scan time and accruing charges.
  8. ID Cards: After you have completed all previous steps, you can sign-up for an ID making session.  The ID card will grant you access to the ASRC security check and unlock the MRIF door.  Contact Dr. Shereen to set an appointment: