General Policies

  1. All studies involving human subjects must comply with CUNY HRPP Policies and Procedures. Information can be found on the HRPP website, including approved screening forms and required IRB protocol language.
  2. Bonus Hours
    • CUNY PIs will receive 10 percent of their billed hours as “bonus” hours. These can be used to offset fees for cancelled scans, reserve time for technical development or pilot scans, and to reserve time for ongoing approved MRI studies.  Bonus hours must be used by July 1st of each year, after which point each PI’s total bonus hours are reset to zero.
  3. Cancelled Scans
    • Scans cancelled within 3 days of the reserved time are subject to a $100 fee per hour of reserved time.
  4. Billing
    • Billing cycles begin at the 1st of each month and end on the last day of that month. MRI bills for the previous month are due one month after the PI or their designated personnel receive the MRI invoices.  Accounts delinquent more than 3 months will result in suspension of scanning privileges until account balances are resolved.
  5. Hours of Operation
    • Regular hours of operation for the MRI Facility are 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If access to the MRI scanner is desired outside of those hours, please contact Dr. Shereen ( Part-time MRI technologists are often available during evenings and weekends per request. Note, users do not have access to the control room, MRI scanner room, or equipment room without MRI staff present.
  6. MRI User Levels:
    • Level 0
      The user has not taken or passed the safety exam. The user may enter the scanner control and bay rooms only with an MRI staff member.
    • Level 1—Safety Trained
      The user has passed the safety exam. The user may enter the scanner control and bay rooms independent of an MRI staff member. However, an MRI staff member must be in the Facility.
    • Level 2—Operator Trained
      The user has passed the safety exam and operator practical exam. Level 1 users typically spend time shadowing an MRI operator and then get hands on experience running the scanner under the supervision of an operator until the user and MRI staff feel the user is ready to scan independently. At this point, the user takes a practical examination. Passing the exam allows the Level 2 user to run the MRI independently. However, at least one other person that is Level 1 certified or above must also be in the scanner control or bay room when scanning subjects. Level 2 users may only enter the control room, MRI bay room, or equipment room when MRI staff are in the Facility.
    • Level 3—Superuser
      Level 2 users who have substantial experience, knowledge of the scanner, MR safety, and emergency procedures at the ASRC MRI Facility may, under special circumstances and under the sole discretion of the MRI Facility Executive Committee, be granted access to the Facility’s control room, MRI bay room, and equipment room when MRI staff are not present. Typically such a user will have at least spent hundreds of hours scanning at Level 2 or equivalent for several years.