Plasma Asher

Photo: IoN 40 Plasma Processing System

The PVA Tepla IoN 40 is a plasma processing system configured for etch, strip, clean and surface treatment of wafers. It is a programmable automatic instrument with a built in computer and a touch screen graphic display that enables on screen access to recipes, process follow-up and on screen editing and activation. High purity O2 and Ar are available as process gases and are supplied to the rectangular three-shelf aluminum chamber via MFC controllers. The chamber is served by a Dry Vacuum Pump Edwards XDS 35i Dry Pump. Plasma is generated by an integral auto-matched, air-cooled, 600 watts, 13.56 MHz RF generator.


  • Gases: Ar, O2


Manufacturer / Model

PVA TePla / IoN 40 Plasma Processing System


Nanofabrication Facility