PHI nanoTOF Mass Spectrometer

PHI’s patented triple focusing time-of-flight (TRIFT) secondary ion mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity and the unique ability to image highly topographic surfaces. The nanoTOF can be configured with a wide variety of options to optimize performance for organic materials, inorganic materials, or both, depending on customer requirements. The nanoTOF performs parallel detection of all elements from hydrogen to uranium, detection and identification of molecules from exact mass and characteristic fragments elemental and molecular imaging with spatial resolution down to 70 nm.


  • TRIFT mass analyzer
  • 30 kV LMIG with Bi emitter (optional Au or Ga)
  • Dual beam charge neutralization
  • In-situ optical viewing
  • Secondary electron detector
  • 20 kV C60 + ion gun
  • 20 kV Ar2500gas cluster ion gun


  • Tai-De Li, Ph.D.
    Manager, Surface Science Facility
    Research Associate Professor, Nanoscience Initiative

Manufacturer / Model

Physical Electronics / nanoTOF


Surface Science Facility