Organics/Oxides E-beam Evaporator

The AJA Organic evaporator is a combination ebeam and thermal evaporator. The ebeam evaporator in the tool is primarily used to evaporate oxides and magnetic materials. The thermal evaporators are used to evaporate low melting point materials, such as organic semiconductors. The tool is equipped with a heated substrate holder capable of heating samples up to 750 degrees, and a liquid cooled ring, which can also be cooled by liquid nitrogen to achieve cryogenic evaporation.


Metals: Al, Al2O3, Cr, Co, Cu, Ge, Ag, In, Fe, Ni, Nb, Pd, Pt, Fe/Ni, Ag, Ti, Yt


Manufacturer / Model

AJA International / Orion-8E


Nanofabrication Facility