Ethovision XT

ethovision xt

EthoVision XT provides everything you need to track and analyze the movement, activity, and behavior. A wizard guides you through all the phases of your experiment, from setting up your project to detailed analysis of the data acquired. A large number of templates for all standard tests are included in the software, allowing you to start experiments quickly and easily.

The rodent behavioral analysis suite contains three high quality sound-attenuating test rooms. All three test rooms are equipped with Ethovision XT. Test Room 1 and Test Room2 are equipped with ceiling cameras, and Test Room 3 is equipped with a camera on the tri-pod for experiments that need side views.


  • Automated detection settings. Based on your video file or live feed, default detection settings are suggested
  • Test automation via the trial control
  • Reliable and robust tracking under all conditions
  • Monochrome GIG-E cameras featuring:
    • Basler ace monochrome camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface
    • ½” 4.5-12.5mm F1.2 manual iris & focus lens, CS mount
    • 1280 x 1024 pixels
    • 60 fps
    • IR filter and illuminators

Available Modules

  • Multiple Body Points Module (MBPM)
    • Module to track the nose point, center point, and tail base of your animal
  • Multiple Arenas Module (MAM)
    • Module for increased throughput by tracking in multiple arenas simultaneously
  • Trial & Hardware Control Module (THCM)
    • Module to fully automate your experiments, including the control of external equipment based on animal behavior


  • Jia Liu, Ph.D.
    Director, Epigenetics Facility
    Director, Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite
    Research Associate Professor, Neuroscience Initiative

Manufacturer / Model

Noldus / Ethovision XT


Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite


live tracking, rodent behavioral test