Agilent Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer

Agilent Seahorse XFe24

The cutting-edge Agilent Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer is capable of measuring the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a multi-well plate to interrogate key cellular functions such as mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. The instrument can perform compound addition and mixing, label-free detection, and automatic calculation of OCR and ECAR in real time.


  • Measuring the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) in real time
  • Measuring the extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) in real time
  • Automatic compound addition and mixing
  • label-free detection
  • 24 well-well plate allowing multiple samples analyzed simultaneously



  • Ye He, Ph.D.
    Director, Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility
    Co-Director, MALDI-TOF MS Imaging Facility
    Research Associate Professor, Neuroscience Initiative

Manufacturer / Model

Agilent / Seahorse XFe24


Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility


ecar, glycolysis, metabolism, mitochondria, ocr