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Photonics Initiative Spring 2024 Seminar Series: Miranda Vinay, Associate Editor for Communications Engineering

Join the ASRC Photonics Initiative in welcoming Miranda Vinay, Associate Editor for Communications Engineering, for a 3-part workshop series at the ASRC. All events will be held in the auditorium.

Dr. Miranda Vinay, Associate Editor for Communications Engineering

Wednesday May 8, 2pm-5:00pm
Interactive Workshop on Scientific writing  – Miranda, a former Nature editor, will share her insights on science writing for the public versus manuscript writing for the scientific community. The workshop will break down the parts of a manuscript and how to craft them for the intended audiences. As part of the workshop, there will be an interactive session where Miranda will provide feedback on your scientific abstracts. If you wish to participate, please prepare one and refer to the following style guide:https://www.nature.com/documents/nature-summary-paragraph.pdf.

Thursday May 9, 10:00am-12:00pm
Seminar on Research Publishing – What happens to a paper after submission? This talk will give a behind-the-scenes window into what editors look for in a paper and how the peer review to publication process works. It will also cover the difference between journals at the Nature Portfolio and how they cater to different audiences.
This is an in-person seminar. If you opt to join via zoom use meeting ID: 898 9423 6356, Passcode:MVNPG

Friday May 10, 10:00am-12:00pm
Seminar on Researcher Discoverability – This is an interactive talk on strategies for connecting your online identity to your expertise, and its impact on your career. It will go over the tools editors, conference organizers, and more use to find and select invited speakers and specifically what information they need to find. This talk is tailored for audiences pursuing or recently began a career in academia. It is recommended to bring an internet-enabled device.
This is an in-person seminar. If you opt to join via zoom use meeting ID: 831 2283 7451, Passcode:MVNPG

Dr. Miranda Vinay is an Associate Editor for Communications Engineering in the broad remit of nanoscale engineering up to construction and infrastructure. Her research background is in chemistry and electronics – devices made from high-temperature superconductors in addition to prototypical gas sensors made from carbon nanotubes. Miranda joined the editorial team of Communications Engineering in February 2022, and spent 2023 on the physics team at Nature itself. She is based in the Berlin office.

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May 10
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
ASRC Auditorium
85 St. Nicholas Terrace
New York, NY 10031 United States
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