This page will be updated periodically with published journal papers directly supported by the Simons Foundation.

Year One

Our foundation-sponsored research publications in year one consisted of 85 journal papers published in several high-profile journals, including three Nature, nine Nature sub-journals, nine Physical Review Letters, three PNAS, three Optica, and two Proc. IEEE. Our work has been featured on eight journal covers this year, in four press releases, and it has been selected as Editor’s Pick three times.

collage of 8 science journal covers
Journal covers highlighting our work published in the past year (see complete list below)
1. Banerjee, D., Vitelli, V., Jülicher, F., & Surówka, P. (2021). Active Viscoelasticity of Odd Materials. Physical Review Letters, 126(13), 138001.
2. Abbaszadeh, H., Fruchart, M., Saarloos, W. van, & Vitelli, V. (2021). Liquid-crystal-based topological photonics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(4), 2021.
3. Fruchart, M., Hanai, R., Littlewood, P. B., & Vitelli, V. (2021). Non-reciprocal phase transitions. Nature 2021 592:7854, 592(7854), 363–369.
4. Fallah, A., Kiasat, Y., Silveirinha, M. G., & Engheta, N. (2021). Nonreciprocal guided waves in the presence of swift electron beams. Physical Review B, 103(21), 214303.
5. Huidobro, P. A., Silveirinha, M. G., Galiffi, E., & Pendry, J. B. (2021). Homogenization Theory of Space-Time Metamaterials. Physical Review Applied, 16(1), 014044.
6. Morgado, T. A., & Silveirinha, M. G. (2021). Active Graphene Plasmonics with a Drift-Current Bias. ACS Photonics, 8(4), 1129–1136.
7. Fernández-Alcázar, L. J., Kononchuk, R., Li, H., & Kottos, T. (2021). Extreme Nonreciprocal Near-Field Thermal Radiation via Floquet Photonics. Physical Review Letters, 126(20), 204101.
8. Kononchuk, R., Feinberg, J., Knee, J., & Kottos, T. (2021). Enhanced avionic sensing based on Wigner’s cusp anomalies. Science Advances, 7(23).
9. Mencagli, M. J., Sounas, D. L., Fink, M., & Engheta, N. (2021). Static-to-dynamic field conversion with time-varying media.
10. Castaldi, G., Pacheco-Peña, V., Moccia, M., Engheta, N., & Galdi, V. (2021). Exploiting space-time duality in the synthesis of impedance transformers via temporal metamaterials. Nanophotonics, 10(14), 3687–3699.
11. Ramaniuk, A., Christodoulides, D. N., Assanto, G., Trippenbach, M., Jung, P. S., Krolikowski, W., Krolikowski, W., & Assanto, G. (2021). Scalar and vector supermode solitons owing to competing nonlocal nonlinearities. Optics Express, Vol. 29, Issue 6, Pp. 8015-8023, 29(6), 8015–8023.
12. Christodoulides, D. N., Wise, F. W., Pourbeyram, H., & Wu, Y. (2021). Weak beam self-cleaning of femtosecond pulses in the anomalous dispersion regime. Optics Letters, Vol. 46, Issue 13, Pp. 3312-3315, 46(13), 3312–3315.
13. Wu, F. O., Jung, P. S., Parto, M., Khajavikhan, M., & Christodoulides, D. N. (2020). Entropic thermodynamics of nonlinear photonic chain networks. Communications Physics 2020 3:1, 3(1), 1–7.
14. Zareei, A., Medina, E., & Bertoldi, K. (2021). Harnessing Mechanical Deformation to Reduce Spherical Aberration in Soft Lenses. Physical Review Letters, 126(8), 084301.
15. Li, S., Deng, B., Grinthal, A., Schneider-Yamamura, A., Kang, J., Martens, R. S., Zhang, C. T., Li, J., Yu, S., Bertoldi, K., & Aizenberg, J. (2021). Liquid-induced topological transformations of cellular microstructures. Nature 2021 592:7854, 592(7854), 386–391.
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18. Pacheco-Peña, V., & Engheta, N. (2021). Temporal metamaterials with gain and loss.
19. Suwunnarat, S., Tang, Y., Reisner, M., Mortessagne, F., Kuhl, U., & Kottos, T. (2021). Towards a Broad-Band Coherent Perfect Absorption in systems without Scale-Invariance.
20. Shi, C., Kottos, T., & Shapiro, B. (2021). Controlling optical beam thermalization via band-gap engineering. Physical Review Research, 3(3), 033219.
21. Li, Y., Cohen, D., & Kottos, T. (2021). Enforcing Levy relaxation for multi-mode fibers with correlated disorder.
22. Silveirinha, M. G. (2021). Time-Crystal Model of the Electron Spin.
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