• Spring 2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series

    We are excited to announce the Spring 2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series! This series will feature experts from a variety of fields who will share their insights on neuroscience research. The seminars will be held in person in the ASRC auditorium at 12p.m., unless noted otherwise. Be sure to check out Events page for more details. Read More [...]

  • Top Research Stories

    Every year, CUNY ASRC researchers challenge scientific limits and find the most creative ways to expand the world's understanding of the Earth that we inhabit. Here are 10 stories that offer a glimpse at some of the innovative work produced by our researchers. We hope these stories serve as motivation to pursue your goals and Read More [...]

  • Study: Flies Try to Recover Lost Sleep, Just Like Humans

    Sleepless fruit flies recover lost sleep over multiple cycles, similarly to people, and serotonin was found to play a role in the process. We’ve all experienced that sense of pervasive sleepiness after staying up late or sleeping poorly. That sense of drowsiness, our body’s way of telling us to recover lost sleep, is thanks to Read More [...]

  • New Study Tests 40-Year-Old Sleep Cycle Model in Fruit Flies

    The findings have possible implications for people with sleep phase disorders. For decades, scientists have relied on a two-part model to explain the basic principles of sleep. These two processes include homeostasis — also known as the homeostatic sleep drive, or the pressure for sleep that increases with time spent awake — and circadian rhythms, Read More [...]

  • Neuroscience Initiative Newsletter – Fall 2023

    Message from the Director Welcome to the Fall edition of our Newsletter. As we are entering the Holiday Season, feelings of warmth, peace, joy and celebration find home in our heart, while we are faced with the painful awareness of so much sorrow all around the world. At this moment, within the Initiative, we try Read More [...]

  • Welcoming the Newest Members of the CUNY ASRC

    Nanoscience Initiative Wasiq Mahmood, undergraduate student Serter Lüleburgaz, postdoctoral researcher Conor Andrews, high school student Yan Rigual-Rosado, undergraduate student Muhtasim Syed, undergraduate student Emmet Shermanm, CUNY ASRC staff member Julianne Villar, undergraduate student María Pérez Ferreiro, short-term scholar Shayan Salehian, Ph.D. rotation student Hema Kuntrapakam, postdoctoral researcher Supreet Kaur, postdoctoral researcher Surya Marjit, master's student Read More [...]

  • Announcing the Epigenetics Core Pilot Research Award

    We are pleased to announce the 2023 Epigenetics Core Pilot Award Winner, Dr. Melendez-Vasquez! Thank you to all who participated! We appreciate the opportunity to support your research and look forward to the critical insights you will uncover using our solutions. June 26, 2023 In order to understand the vast complexity of biology, researchers must Read More [...]

  • Mark Hauber to Lead the Advanced Science Research Center at the CUNY Graduate Center

    New York, NY, July 20,2023 — The City University of New York Graduate Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Hauber as the executive director of its Advanced Science Research Center (CUNY ASRC). Established in 2014, the CUNY ASRC is a world-class STEM research and education institution dedicated to interdisciplinary science that addresses Read More [...]

  • City of Science: Climate Change and Health

    Climate change increasingly affects many areas of our lives, but little attention is paid to how it is affecting our health. Research shows the significant impact of climate change on childbearing, nutrition, stress, and our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Patrizia Casaccia, Einstein Professor of Biology and Biochemistry and Director of the Neuroscience Initiative at the Read More [...]

  • Neuroscience Initiative Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2023

    Message From the Director As the spring semester comes to an end, we welcome new members to the Neuroscience Initiative and are glad to look back at and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members. We celebrated Brain Awareness Week in March with a series of live and online activities Read More [...]