U.S./Middle East Conference on Photonics - November 4-6, 2019

Aim & Scope of Conference

Topics covered at the conference include:

› Metamaterials
› Topological insulators
› Biophotonics
› Plasmonics
› Nanooptics
› Integrated photonics
› Quantum optics
› Microwave photonics
› Random media
› Sensing
› Imaging
› Nonlinear optics
› Ultrafast spectroscopy
› Non-Hermitian photonics

The aim of the conference is to enrich photonics research by strengthening scientific contacts between US, European, and Middle Eastern photonics researchers and by fostering connections between researchers across the Middle East. The conference will foster interactions between participants from different regions and between seasoned scientists and students and scientists at an early stage of their careers.

Even modest efforts to nurture scientific engagement can be fruitful because the search for knowledge and the desire to share discoveries are inherent in the scientific enterprise and at the core of what draws young people to choose to become scientists. Beyond advancing photonic research, the concrete demonstration of the benefits of communication at the conference will provide a model for constructive engagement for other branches of science and across society. Such models help people imagine a better future.