Justin Williams

Research Assistant, The Gardner Lab

Prior to joining the Gardner Lab, Justin Williams got his start in research in a molecular systematics lab studying a genus of rodents native to Central and South America under the direction of Dr. Jorge Salazar-Bravo in the Department of Biological Sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas in 2010. After completing his B.S. in Biology in 2012, Justin chose to continue on in research by enrolling in a Master’s in Biotechnology program at Texas Tech University and taking a project in a collaboration between the labs of Dr. Gail Cornwall in the Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry and Dr. Bryan Sutton in the Department of Physiology and Molecular Biophysics at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In the duration of this project, which involved the biochemical and structural study of a family of amyloid-forming proteins, Justin was introduced to structural biology and the methodology of X-ray protein crystallography in the lab of Dr. Sutton. Since completing his M.Sc. in 2014, Justin has continued to gain experience in structural biology and hone his skills in the Gardner Lab, where he primarily uses X-ray protein crystallography and other biophysical methods to study proteins involved in the hypoxia response pathway.

Research Interests

Using X-ray protein crystallography and other biophysical methods to determine protein structures and utilize the structural information as a guide to better understand and treat pathological conditions.