Research Opportunities

The ASRC is a university-wide facility open for use by faculty, students, and research staff across all 25 CUNY campuses and schools. We offer some of the most advanced instrumentation available, and in many cases the ASRC is the only place in the region where this technology is available for use and training by academics and industry.

The ASRC was created to break down some of the traditional walls in science and incubate a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary research. We offer a number of dynamic research opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

The ASRC is an unprecedented university-wide research endeavor that is opening opportunities for scientists across CUNY.

Each of the ASRC’s five initiatives boasts a director and three faculty members for a total of 20 core researchers. These innovative teams focus on collaboration across disciplines, and each of the 20 ASRC resident scientists also has a faculty appointment at a CUNY senior college. In addition to its 20 faculty positions, the ASRC also provides opportunities for about 50 technical and support staff. For further information on current faculty and staff opportunities, please click below.

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CUNY postdoctoral researchers in STEM, Social Science, STEM education fields (and possibly, some humanities fields) that fit within NSF’s areas of interest are invited to apply for a new training/mentoring bootcamp series: TRANSPIRE – A transdisciplinary dialogic pedagogy for conceptualizing research questions with transformative potential.

The TRANSPIRE program is primarily designed for postdocs who are at the stage of transitioning to an independent research position (as faculty or in industry). Learn more »

The ASRC provides unparalleled learning opportunities for students seeking advanced degrees through The Graduate Center, CUNY science programs and undergraduate students through the CUNY Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP). Learn more »