Zabdiel Roldan Ayala

  • Masters Student, Greenfield Lab, Environmental Sciences Initiative

Zabdiel Roldan Ayala graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao with a Bachelor’s degree in coastal marine biology. He is currently a graduate student in the School of Earth and Environmental Science doing a Master’s in  Geological and Environmental Sciences. He currently works at the  Advanced Science Research Center as a research assistant in Dr.Greenfield’s lab. Zabdiel’s research interests involves understanding the ecology and physiology of marine phytoplankton and how these organisms can be indicators of climate change.


Z. Roldan Ayala, S.A. Arnott, M. Ambrosone, J.I. Espinosa, G.E. Humphries, M. Tzortziou, J. I. Goes, and D.I. Greenfield. The influences of phenology, spatial distribution, and nitrogen form on Long Island Sound phytoplankton biomass and taxonomic composition. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 2023, 292, 108451.

Z.R. Ayala, S.C. Judge, S. Anglès, and D.I. Greenfield. A comparison of the FlowCam 8100 to microscopy and molecular methods for quantifying abundances of the saxitoxin-producing dinoflagellate, Alexandrium catenella. Harmful Algae, 2023, 125, 102423.

G.E. Humphries, J.I. Espinosa, M. Ambrosone, Z. Roldan Ayala, M. Tzortziou, J.I. Goes, D.I. Greenfield. Transitions in nitrogen and organic matter form and concentration correspond to bacterial population dynamics in a hypoxic urban estuary. Biogeochemistry, 2023, 163, 219-243.