Syeda Maryam Azeem

  • Research Assistant, Keedy Lab, Structural Biology

After completing her undergraduate studies in India, Syeda Maryam Azeem pursued her master’s degree in the US starting in 2015.  She joined Dr. Kathleen Frey’s lab in 2016 in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Long Island University in Brooklyn.  While working under Dr. Frey’s supervision, Maryam developed her research interests in structural biology and X-ray crystallography.  She used computational and structure-based methods for creating docking models, predicting mutations in the HIV Reverse Transcriptase enzyme, and analyzing protein-ligand interactions.

Research Interests

Structural biology of proteins, protein expression and purification, assay development, crystallization and X-ray crystallographic techniques, characterizing protein-ligand interactions to improve structure-based drug design.