Scott McPhee

  • Research Programs Specialist, Nanoscience Initiative

Scott obtained a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University in Glasgow. There after he joined the Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group at the University of Dundee in a dual role as research technician developing synthesis and purification methodologies for nucleic acids and applying these to diverse research areas and managing the University’s Oligonucleotide Synthesis Service. In 2013 Scott joined the EPSRC Center for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization as Laboratory Manager, overseeing the relocation of the center to a bespoke facility whilst concurrently managing the implementation and integration of $20M of specialist equipment.


A. Jain, S.A. McPhee, T. Wang, M. Narayanan Nair, D. Kroiss, T.Z. Jia, and R.V. Ulijn, Tractable Molecular Adaptation Patterns in a Designed Complex Peptide SystemChem2022in press.

D.S. MacPherson, S.A. McPhee, B.M. Zeglis, and R.V. Ulijn, The Impact of Tyrosine Iodination on the Aggregation and Cleavage Kinetics of MMP-9-Responsive Peptide SequencesACS Biomater. Sci. Eng.2022, 8, 579-587.

D. Kroiss, J.M. Aramini, S.A. McPhee, T. Tuttle, and R.V. Ulijn, Unbiased Discovery of Dynamic Peptide-ATP ComplexesChemSysChem2019in press.

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