Salah Salah

Ph.D. Student, Amédée des Georges Lab

Salah Salah completed his B.S. in Physics in 2011 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating, he worked for four years in the oil and gas industry as a field engineer. During this time, he planned wells, scheduled and supervised drilling, and created methods for new operating procedures. Intrigued by the physical conditions necessary for the operation of various equipment as well as the manipulation of length and tension for a calculation of force, Salah came back to fundamental science to pursue a PhD in the des Georges group, studying the dynamics of proteins necessary for muscle contraction.  

Salah’s side interests include noncommittal musings over the history and evolution of man, Hegelian dialectics, psychoanalytic thought, political theory, and the philosophy of science. In his free time, he enjoys acrylic painting.

Research Interests

Salah’s research employs molecular dynamics methods to calculate protein-ligand binding affinities, furthering our understanding of the modulation of protein function by small ligands as well as identifying new avenues for therapeutic treatment.