Rafid Quadir

  • Technician, Epigenetics Facility

Rafid Quadir is currently a lab technician working in the epigenetic core at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. He will be graduating from The City College of New York in spring 2022 with a B.S in biology. Rafid joined the team of Dr. Jia Liu in October 2021 and is currently working on maintenance and quality assurance for the BD FacsAria Fusion. Rafid is also performing academic research at the lab of Adrian Rodriguez- Contreras on the topic of neuromodulation and computational modeling.

Rafid is interested in continuing research in neuromodulation and neural engineering while exploring interdisciplinary aspects. Outside of research, Rafid likes to spend quality time with friends and family. He also organizes children’s hospital volunteering opportunities for students at CCNY under Project Sunshine.