Pamela Green

  • Senior Research Associate, Vörösmarty Lab, Environmental Sciences Initiative

Pamela Green is a Senior Research Associate at the Environmental Sciences Initiative. She earned an M.E. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida with directed study in surface water hydrology and water resource analysis.

As a senior water scientist, Ms. Green strives to understand the role of freshwater for ecosystems and society and assess how this knowledge can be used to support a sustainable pathway for meeting the dual water needs of nature and humans. Ms. Green has spearheaded and collaborated in numerous regional and global assessments to define the state of freshwater resources, identify populations and stakeholders affected, and forecast impacts on freshwater into the future. Through the development of measurable metrics, indices, and functional frameworks, she has worked to provide accessible tools and science-based guidance at a variety of spatial scales and geographic settings to identify freshwater priorities and highlight where specific management interventions are likely to be successful.

Throughout her career, Ms. Green has played a key role in numerous international research projects working with multidisciplinary teams, forming cross-cutting and collaborative partnerships with stakeholders from the academic research, NGO, industry, government, and policy sectors. She possesses extensive expertise in building models and tools with large scale, multi-temporal global datasets and presenting complex findings to broad audiences.


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