Harsh Bansia, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, des Georges Lab, Structural Biology Initiative

To me, one of the fascinating and satisfying aspect of being a structural biologist is the everyday chance to also become a mathematician, physicist, chemist and a computer scientist. After being introduced to biological macromolecular machines and different levels at which they can be studied, I decided to explore the foundational level and joined IISc for my PhD to study protein structure, function and dynamics using X-ray crystallography and MD simulations. As a postdoc in Des Georges lab, I use cryo-EM and machine learning to experimentally capture protein dynamics going well beyond the “one structure describes it all” notion. As a structural biologist, my long-term goal is to study intrinsically disordered proteins. As they say in structural biology, intrinsic disorder is the limit.


E.L. Cheng, I.I. Cardle, N. Kacherovsky, H. Bansia, T. Wang, Y. Zhou, J. Raman, A. Yen, D. Gutierrez, S.J. Salipante, A. des Georges, M.C. Jensen, S.H. Pun, Discovery of a Transferrin Receptor 1-Binding Aptamer and Its Application in Cancer Cell Depletion for Adoptive T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022, 144(30), 13851-13864.