Emily Armbruster, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, des Georges Lab, Structural Biology

Trained as a microscopist and biochemist, I use these skills to understanding how biomolecules move as they dance and stick together in their hot, crowded thermal bath. Before COVID Emily enjoyed team and endurance sports, but now she mostly re-watches old TV shows and tries to train her recently adopted Miniature Pinscher. As part of the des George lab she works to prepare, image, and process data using Single Particle Analysis Cryo-EM techniques to determine the structure of macromolecules in order to understand their involvement in cell signaling and maintenance.


Marcink, T.C., Kicmal, T., Armbruster, E., Zhang, Z., Zipursky, G., Golub, K.L., Idris, M., Khao, J., Drew-Bear, J., McGill, G. Gallagher, T., Porotto, M., des Georges A., Moscona, A., 2022. Intermediates in SARS-CoV-2 spike–mediated cell entryScience Advances8(33), p.eabo3153.