Douglas MacPherson

  • Doctoral Student, Braunschweig Lab, Nanoscience Initiative

Doug is currently pursuing his masters of science in Biotechnology at the City College of New York.

After completing a BS degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Connecticut, Doug spent a year as a research assistant for Yale School of Medicine, Department of Nephrology. At Yale, Doug worked on projects studying the role of a specific protein produced by the kidney in pancreatic cancer, melanoma and chronic kidney disease.

At the ASRC, Doug works with peptide-based hydrogels which function as a synthetic extracellular matrix for three-dimensional cell culture.

Doug is also involved in a startup company based on this technology called Biogelx, a member company of Harlem Biospace.

Research Interests

Tissue engineering, Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Regenerative medicine

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