Diego Farfan

  • Doctoral Student, Alù Lab, Photonics Initiative


Soric, J., Ra’di, Y., Farfan, D., and  Alù, A. Radio-Transparent Dipole Antenna Based on a Metasurface CloakNat Commun 13, 1114 (2022).

D. Chachayma-Farfan, Y. Ra’di, and A. Alù, “Dual-Layer Radio-Transparent Dielectric Core Metasurface Antenna,” IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, Special Issue on Direct and Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Methods, Vol. 2, pp. 585-590, (2021), (invited paper). 

M. Kang, Y. Radi, D. Farfan, and A. Alù, “Efficient Focusing with Large Numerical Aperture Using a Hybrid Metalens,” Physical Review Applied, Vol. 13, 04416 (2020).