Daniel Vignoles

  • Masters Student, Vörösmarty Lab, Environmental Sciences Initiative

Daniel Vignoles is currently a research intern working on data driven web development at the GC-ASRC’s Environmental Science Initiative. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the City College of New York and will graduate in 2020. Prior to Daniel’s current position, he participated in the CUNY TRELLIS program where he ultimately developed a website for the ASRC’s personal weather station. Other than web development, Daniel’s interests include data engineering, data visualization, geoinformatics, and operating systems. In the future, he hopes to continue working as a developer on projects of social and environmental significance.


C.J. Vörösmarty, J.M. Melillo, D.J. Wuebbles, A.K. Jain, A.W. Ando, M. Chen, S. Tuler, R. Smith, D. Kicklighter, F. Corsi, B. Fekete, A. Miara, H.H. Bokhari, J. Chang, T.-S. Lin, N. Maxfield, S. Sanyal, J. Zhang, and D. Vignoles. The C-FEWS framework: Supporting studies of climate-induced extremes on food, energy, and water systems at the regional scale. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 2023, 11.