Antonella Scaglione, Ph.D.

Antonella Scaglione, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral fellow in Casaccia lab. She has been part of the Casaccia team since 2016. Antonella Scaglione is a biochemist and molecular biologist with a strong background in neurobiology and a major interest in molecular and in vivo characterization of neurodegeneration and cancer development.

During her PhD Antonella has focused on the biochemical characterization of proteins involved in cancer progression. Her work has centered on clarifying their mechanism of activation, regulation and substrate recognition, by rational selection of specific inhibitors, aiming to targeted therapies based on modulation of the apoptotic response and tumorigenesis prevention.
In 2014 she joined the Columbia University Medical Center (New York) as visiting PhD student, where she launched a project on the characterization of a specific class of membrane proteins involved in steroid metabolism. During her Master’s, Antonella has been selected as Armenise-Harvard Summer Fellow to spend a period of training at the Department of Neurobiology of the Harvard Medical School (Boston). Here, she has worked on the functional aspects of voltage-gated ion channels by means of calcium signalling measurements and imaging detection.

She received the Master’s Degree in Neurobiology and the PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Rome, Sapienza.

Research Interests

Mechanism of Regulation of Oligodendrocytes Progenitor Proliferation and Transformation.

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