Alex Krasnok, Ph.D.

  • Research Assistant Professor, Photonics Initiative
  • Facility Director, Photonics Core Facility

Alex Krasnok’s research spans applied physics, photonics, and nanotechnology with a particular focus on innovative and extreme aspects of wave interaction with natural and artificial materials. He has made significant contributions in areas such as extreme scattering engineering, nanoantennas, metasurfaces, optics of 2D transition-metal dichalcogenides, and low-loss dielectric nanostructures. He has authored or co-authored four books and book chapters, four patents, and more than 110 papers (as of April 2019) including Nature Photonics, Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters to mention just a few. Alex earned his Ph.D. with distinction from ITMO University, St Petersburg, Russia, in 2013, and he has a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. (with honors), both in Optics. He has also earned several research awards and grants, including the gold medal of Nobel Laureate Zhores Alferov’s Foundation (2016).

Alex joined the ASRC CUNY from University of Texas at Austin where he was a research scientist in the Metamaterials and Plasmonics Research Group within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


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D. V. Yakimchuk, E. Y. Kaniukov, S. I. Lepeshov, V. D. Bundyukova, S. E. Demyanov, G. M. Arzumanyan, N. V. Doroshkevich, K. Z. Mamatkulov, A. Alù, A. Bochmann, M. Presselt, O. Stranik, A. Krasnok, and V. Sivakov. Spatially Separated Self-Assembled Silver Dendrites for Highly Sensitive SERS Applications. under review, since November 2018. (arxiv)

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