Become a Facility User

The Neuroscience Facilities at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) are open to all users regardless of their level of expertise. The Facilities staff will work with users to help them develop an effective research plan. Novice users are highly encouraged to communicate with Facility staff frequently during the initial phases of their research. Please finish the following steps to become a user of the ASRC Neuroscience Facilities.

  1. PI must fill in and sign ASRC Neuroscience Initiative Facilities Account Registration and Agreement. Turn in a signed copy to Kevin Wang at or in person at ASRC room 4.325A. A full list of instrument rates can be found at facility page.
  2. USER AND PI: Read and sign CUNY ASRC Equipment Use Agreement. Turn in a signed copy to Kevin Wang at or in person at ASRC room 4.325A.
  3. USER AND PI: Read and sign:
  4. USER: Fill out the ASRC Neuroscience Initiative Facilities New User Form online. Information needed:
    • User Information
    • Project description
    • PI and account information
    • Emergency contact information
  5. USER install Badger LMS and register for a new account.
    • Note: This step may be omitted if Users already have Badger accounts.
  6. USER must complete ASRC General Lab Safety Class.
    • Note: This step may be omitted if users have completed general lab safety training at your respective institutes and are able to provide written proofs from the institutions.
    • Please visit our events listings for the next General Lab Safety Class offering.
  7. Schedule individual equipment training with Facility staff.

ID Cards: After you have completed all previous steps and cleared the required compliance check, you can request an ASRC ID. Please contact Kevin Wang at on how to get an ASRC ID.

Note: A $15 one time access fee will be charged to your account when an ASRC access card is issued.