Faculty Opportunities

A building that encourages collaboration and creativity

The Advanced Science Research Center is an unprecedented University-wide research endeavor that is opening opportunities for scientists from throughout CUNY, as well as for new faculty now being recruited.

A core of 20 new researchers—a director and three faculty for each of the five initiatives—will be ASRC resident scientists. Recruitment of the directors has been carefully focused on individuals with national reputations who are both top-tier researchers and science leaders committed to creating an innovative research environment with a focus on collaboration across disciplines. Each of the 20 ASRC resident scientists will also have a faculty appointment at a CUNY senior college.

Top faculty researchers currently working on CUNY campuses are already using many of the center’s core facilities, finding opportunities for innovative and unprecedented collaboration. Many scientists have been recruited in the past few years as part of CUNY’s strategic development of these initiatives, culminating in the ASRC.

The ASRC has begun helping CUNY researchers expand the scope and scale of their work in a variety of ways. Faculty from throughout CUNY may apply to use the ASRC’s high-end core facilities—its Clean Room and Nanofabrication Center, Visualization Room and labs outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment such as nuclear and functional MRI and electron and fluorescent microscopes. In addition, faculty may apply for space in the ASRC on a temporary or project basis—to conduct research that requires extended use of ASRC facilities, for instance, or to work with faculty from other campuses, or other institutions.

In addition to the 20 faculty research positions based at the ASRC, the center will provide opportunities for about 50 technical and support staff. For further information on current faculty and staff recruiting efforts please visit our Jobs page.