The Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY has a series of template agreements for use by parties interested in access to ASRC equipment, research services and/or facilities.  Participants may include commercial, industrial, non-profit or research operations, individual CUNY or third party scientists; user rates will differ accordingly.

For use when third party access to specific core facility instrumentation or processes is requested; several cores/equipment may be listed and staff services included.

While protecting the party’s intellectual property interests, this template also contains language designed to make outside users contractually responsible for loss or damage that may result from their activity.

Note: Facility managers must ensure that non-ASRC users are familiar with all relevant lab safety and health protocols before third party access is authorized.

Download the Equipment Use Agreement »

For use when ASRC scientists or technicians are asked to perform specific research projects or tasks for a non-ASRC person or enterprise.

This template transfers newly-created intellectual property interests to the party paying for ASRC services; insurance requirements apply only when non-ASRC staff or hazardous materials may be on site.

Download the Research Service Agreement »

For use when ASRC scientists wish to collaborate with a non-ASRC party or principal investigator on fundamental research projects.

Each party remains responsible for their own costs, certifications and consents; jointly made intellectual property is jointly shared; research results may be used internally without restriction; publication rights are royalty-free.

Download the Collaborative Research Agreement »

Before forwarding any agreement to a prospective user for review, the ASRC staff member who is managing the proposed relationship or transaction should ensure that the project statement and Exhibit A description of work, costs and disposition accurately reflect the expectations of both the facility and non-ASRC user, and that the name and contact information for each party’s representative is included.

If the prospective user requests changes or makes comments to the template, the agreement must be submitted for internal GC review before signature. ASRC equipment use or service agreements may only be signed by individuals delegated that authority by the CUNY Board of Trustees: here, the GC Vice President of Finance.