Dr. Bernice Rosenzweig

Bernice Rosenzweig is the manager of the TRELLIS Project at the CUNY ASRC and a research associate with the Environmental Science Initiative.


Rosenzweig, B.R., A. Gordon, J. Marra, C. Zappa and A. Parris (2016). Resilience Indicators and Monitoring: An Example of Climate Change Resiliency Indicators for Jamaica Bay, Prospects for Resilience, 2016. Sanderson, E.W., W.D. Solecki, J.R. Waldman, and A.S. Parris, A.S., editors. Prospects for Resilience: Insights from New York City’s Jamaica Bay. Island Press, Washington DC. Pages 141-161.

Rosenzweig, B., C. Vörösmarty, W. Gutowski, and A.L. Steiner (2014). Joining scientists and stakeholders in regional Earth system modeling. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 95(27): 247-248.

Rosenzweig, B.R., W. Solecki, T. Eaton and J.W. Waldman (2012). The feasibility of restoring salinity gradients to an urban estuary, Jamaica Bay, NY. A report to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Rosenzweig, B.R., J.A. Smith, M.L. Baeck, and P.R. Jaffé (2011). Monitoring nitrogen loading and retention in an urban stormwater detention pond. Journal of Environmental Quality, 40(2): 598-609.

Rosenzweig, B.R., H.S. Moon, J.A. Smith, M.L. Baeck, and P.R. Jaffe (2008). Variation in the instream dissolved inorganic nitrogen response between and within rainstorm events in an urban watershed. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A, 43(11): 1223-1233.

Research Interests

Urban hydrology and metabolism; Environmental informatics; Resilience of local and regional -scale socio-eco-technical systems

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